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The Shaun Armstrong Memorial
Royton Road Runners Cup 2023

A free-to-enter annual competition, first introduced in 2013 & open to all club members, the RRR Cup builds on our support for & regular participation at Oldham parkrun - which takes place in Alexandra Park at 9am every Saturday morning.

See below for all the results from the 2023 competition.



25th NOV: Mark Baxendale (21:02) beat Lee Earnshaw (22:58) by 1min 16secs


18th NOV: Trish Callan (22:16) beat Elaine Brown (30:47) by 1min 1sec


28th OCT: Lee Earnshaw (22:07**) beat Trish Callan (22:09**) by 41 seconds


11th NOV: Mark Baxendale (21:27) beat Elaine Brown (30:40) by 1min 28secs


19th AUG: Elaine Brown (31:59) beat Owen Flage (25:14) by 17 seconds

14th OCT: Trish Callan (22:37**) beat Tony Morris (19:56) by 1min 4secs

14th OCT: Lee Earnshaw (23:16**) beat Alison Cresswell (33:54) by 38 seconds 

Mark Baxendale beat Dave Watt - walkover due to injury 


13th MAY: Elaine Brown (29:40**) beat Tracey Hall (25:08**) by 13 seconds

20th MAY: Owen Flage (22:56) beat Andrew Rogers (19:32) by 1min 6secs

17th JUN: Tony Morris (19:35) beat Selina McLean (25:29) by 24 seconds

17th JUN: Trish Callan (23:12**) beat Simon Howard (22:58) by 16 seconds

15th JUL: Mark Baxendale (22:53) beat Hasna Budsworth (29:05**) by 12 seconds

22nd JUL: Dave Watt (27:38) beat Neil Brock (22:39) by 2mins 16secs

29th JUL: Alison Cresswell (33:44**) beat Brett Spivey (19:55) by 3mins 26secs 

Lee Earnshaw beat Amanda Welby (walkover due to withdrawal)


25th FEB: Andrew Rogers (18:36*) beat Adrian Brown (21:13) by 1min 7secs

4th MAR: Dave Watt (28:41) beat Stephen Rogowskyj (27:59) by 33 seconds

18th MAR: Elaine Brown (30:35**) beat Natali Brown (28:39) by 3mins 19secs

18th MAR: Lee Earnshaw (23:39**) beat Ray Williams (24:51) by 42 seconds)

18th MAR: Mark Baxendale (22:06) beat David Emanuel (21:43) by 7 seconds

25th MAR: Tony Morris (19:32**) beat Neil Bradley (29:11) by 39 seconds

1st APR: Owen Flage (23:25) beat John Fay (21:28**) by 18 seconds

8th APR: Hasna Budsworth (29:35**) beat Andrew Ingham (22:33) by 2mins 43secs

8th APR: Brett Spivey (19:55**) beat Bryan Lawton (22:35) by 55 seconds

15th APR: Alison Cresswell (37:29) beat Mark Phelan (22:04) by 20 seconds

22nd APR: Tracey Hall (25:40**) beat Joanne Lawton (31:21) by 26 seconds

29th APR: Trish Callan (23:38**) beat Adam Stirling (21:41) by 1min 18secs

29th APR: Amanda Welby (29:58) beat Dave Bardsley (35:39) by 4mins 26secs

29th APR: Simon Howard (23:17) beat Nicky Hall (35:22) by 1min 35 secs

29th APR: Selina McLean (25:19) beat Martin Thompson (18:44) by 40 seconds

13th MAY: Neil Brock (21:15) beat Anthony Rogers (20:48*) by 3 seconds


11th FEB: Martin Thompson (18:48) beat Amanda Richardson (26:12*) by 9 seconds

25th FEB: Trish Callan (24:20**) beat Barry Greaves (21:15) by 1min 25secs 

25th FEB: Andrew Ingham (22:15**) beat Kevin Hutchings (26:38) by 3mins 38secs

25th FEB: Joanne Lawton (30:58**) beat Elliot Stone (21:26) by 1min 43secs

25th FEB: Hasna Budsworth (31:56*) beat Angela Rogowskyj (33:54) by 43 seconds

25th FEB: Dave Watt (30:32) beat Andy Hall (22:42) by 2mins 25secs

25th FEB: Mark Baxendale (22:05) beat Ronnie Quinn (25:12) by 1min 22secs

4th MAR: Adam Stirling (21:00**) beat James Henderson (17:33**) by 33 seconds

18th MAR: Selina McLean (25:58) beat Jason Keast (30:13) by 6mins 15secs

18th MAR: Tracey Hall (25:41**) beat Bernard Cassidy (24:10**) by 1min 59secs

25th MAR: Anthony Rogers (21:56) beat Warren Siddall (25:28) by 1min 2secs

John Fay beat Andy Nuttall (walkover due to injury)

Adrian Brown beat Karen Stuttard (walkover due to injury)

Neil Bradley beat Paul Anderson (walkover due to illness)

Nicky Hall beat Paul Ashton (walkover due to illness)     


*  = Oldham parkrun PB

** = All-time parkrun PB

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