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Rating of 2023 Club Races

We'd really appreciate it if you would provide your feedback on the races that were included in this year's RRR Club Championship.

Whilst the 2023 Club Championship is still live, with trophies very much still up for grabs heading into the final 2 race weekends, our attention as a committee is moving toward 2024! Here's your chance to tell the RRR committee how you rated this season's races & which other events you'd like to see included. We have a meeting to plan the 2024 race calendar on 13th November, so please submit your response no later than Friday 10th November.


We've already announced that the 2024 series will again start with the Stockport Daffodil 10K on Sunday 28th January & that we will include the Coniston 14 on 23rd March (given the travel issues with Dent) & Manchester Half Marathon on 13th October, with The Royton Trail being a stalwart on the calendar, but that still leaves plenty of other races up for grabs! 


Simply give a star rating to each event, on a scale of 1-5, where 5 is the highest. You don't need to score every race, but feel free to give a rating even if you didn't take part (you may have been a spectator or taken part in a previous year, for example). Then, if you wish, please tell us of other favourite events that you'd like to be considered for next year's race list. Finally we'd welcome your feedback on the club championship format in general.

We look forward to hearing your views - they really do count!


Race Feedback Questionnaire
With 7 races to count, would you prefer a 15 or 17 race Club Championship?
Rate the Stockport Daffodil 10K
Rate the Village Bakery Half
Rate the Dentdale Run
Rate the Wilmslow Half
Rate the Aintree 10K
Rate the RRR Track 5K (May)
Rate the Cowm 5K
Rate the Colshaw Hall 10K
Rate The Royton Trail
Rate the Mossley 10K
Rate the Hopwood Trot
Rate the Preston 10M
Rate the Cheshire Half
Rate the RRR Track 5K (Sep)
Rate the Rochdale 10K
Rate the Oldham Half
Rate the Derwentwater 10

Thanks for your feedback!

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