Originally joined Royton Road Runners in 2011.

History: Started running in 2010 with Mark Kelly's Run England group. Took a break for a while after joining RRR through injury & then lack of motivation.
Proudest achievement: Probably running my 1st 10K at Mad Dog without stopping - I was so chuffed at myself I wasn't bothered about my things have changed!
Ambition: Just to carry on running 10Ks, maybe throw a half marathon in there if I'm feeling courageous at some point. 
Current training: I try to run 3 times per week, averaging 18-21 miles.

Originally from Swinton, I moved to Royton in 1992.
I live with my partner Darren & my daughter Megan (aka Willow).
Worked in Manchester my whole life, currently for a firm of lawyers.
Other hobbies are dining out & wine tasting (nightly) - which makes my main hobby of running essential!

Training route: I love off-road, so probably Ogden Reservoir or the hills of Littleborough
Race/event: if I'm honest it's probably the Dovestone Diamond - although you wouldn't have thought it at the time, given the amount of cursing!
Running shoe: I've only had 2 pairs - Mizuno & Asics - & I love them both for different reasons
Sportsman/woman: Paula Radcliffe - I love her determination
Film: gosh, so many! Probably Braveheart, although I love the Saw films - anything with blood & gore!
TV: Banshee or True Blood at the moment - again anything with blood & gore!       
Music: I have quite eclectic taste, from the chilled like Evanescence/Broken Bells to more rock/metal like Avenged Sevenfold/Disturbed
Food: I love all food but probably favour Chinese/Thai
Drink: wine/soda or vodka/lime/soda
Holiday destination: I love the Greek islands