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Our club is well-known for the number of members who race regularly & support local races in particular. As first announced at the 2011 Presentation Night, to mark this high level of participation the club is officially recognising those who have competed most frequently in club colours. When any '1st claim' member reaches a total of 50, 100, 150 or 200 Club Championship races they will receive a special branded '50 Club', '100 Club', '150 Club' or '200 Club' RRR polo shirt, while any 1st-claim member (past or present) who has raced 10 times or more for the club will be included in the 'Roll of Honour' below. Congratulations to you all! Click here for a full list of club races completed (to the end of the 2017 season) by each individual. This won't be updated after every race - but it allows you to work out how close you are to joining one of the 'Clubs' below.

Click the button above for a complete list of races completed by each individual, by year, to the end of the 2018 season. This won't be updated after every race - but it helps you work out how close you are to joining one of the 'Clubs' below.

In addition to these overall totals, a number of club members have managed to complete the full set of club races in a single calendar year - an impressive demonstration of planning, commitment & maybe a little bit of luck with injuries! This feat was first achieved by the late Ian Casey (2006) & subsequently by John Sweeney (2011 & 2012), John Lambe (2013), June Allingan, Kirsty White, Nikki Green (all 2014), Eloise Bartlett, Mike Doolan, Rochelle Evans (2015), Lee Higginbottom, Shane Reading, Garry Bower (2016), Paul Cooke, Lee Higginbottom, Shane Reading, Elliot Stone, Michael Wildbore (2017) & Shane Reading, Robert Nixon (2018). Shane's unbroken sequence now stands at an incredible 98 races (stretching back to 2013)!

Bernie Goodwin

David Emanuel
Debbie Shaw
June Allingan
Stuart Carroll
Bernie Cassidy
Chris Eavers
Barry Greaves
Rob Kellett
Bryan Lawton
Dave Phillips
Shane Reading
Steve Shaw
Dave Smith

Diane Allingan

Neil Barker

Jennifer Bloor

Garry Bower

Neil Brock

Dean Burgess

Paul Cooke

Jeff Cordwell

Ian Dale

Dave Ellis  

Rochelle Evans

Debbie Fiddling

Richard Fiddling

Dave Freer

Colin Green

Trevor Grundy

David Hall

Michael Harrison

Lee Higginbottom

John Higgins

Tony Hunking

Anne Jones

Stephen Jones

Tony Kane

Jason Keast

Matthew Kilburn

Val Kilburn

Helen Knight

John Lambe

Chris Lowe

David McBride

George Meynell

Eamonn Nolan

Carl O'Callaghan

Dave Peart

Ronnie Quinn

Andy Schofield

Elliot Stone

John Sweeney

Kirsty White

Bruce Whittam

Shaun Armstrong

Bernadette Ball

Bill Balmer

Eloise Bartlett

Rob Battye

Alan Bodell

Yousaf Butt

Ian Casey

Lisa Cummins

Clare Darraugh

Mike Doolan

Rob Fairbanks

Neil Farrell

Kay Fitton

Michael Fleming

Mary Freer

Ronnie Garrod

Nikki Green

Jarrod Gritt

Mark Heaney

Sue Heaney

Jillian Heywood

Simon Howard

Brian Hurst

Eileen Ingham

Russell Ingham

Rob James

Janet Jobey

Martin Jones

Dave Kershaw

Stewart Jones

Simon Bruce Lake

Nick Mallon

Ian McBride

Selina McLean

Martina Naismith

Ged Navesey

Niparun Nessa

Chris Nicholson

Rob Nixon

Jenny O'Callaghan

Liz Phillips

Sheila Phillips

Helen Radcliffe

Carol Robinson

Angela Rogowskyj

Gail Shaw

Gary Smith

Vikki Smith

Karen Stuttard

Des Thorpe

Claire Timms

Laura Walters

Dave Watt

Michael Wildbore

Mark Wilde

Ray Williams

John Williamson

Paul Anderson

Jane Augsburger

Phil Austin

Paul Bannister

Margaret Bluer

David Booth

Emma Bower

Mike Bowler

Judith Bradley

Neil Bradley

Vicky Bramley

Katherine Brierley

Stuart Brown

Sarah Butler

James Cashin

Linda Chadderton

Andrew Chadwick

Chloe Clegg

Sarah Collins

David Crewe

Sally Crewe

Wayne Critchley

Nick Cuff

Richard Cummins

Howard Dracup

Sharon Dracup

Julie Felton

Gary Fielding

Natalie Fitzpatrick

Stephen Goddard

Julie Greenwood

Marilyn Guest

Tracey Hall

Diana Hand

Angie Hart

Tony Hart

Steve Hayes

Andy Hayhurst

Jillian Hickson  

Lee Higginbottom

James Holdaway

Phil Hollins

Brad Howard

Lisa Howarth

Stuart Hulme

Martin Jones

John Kane

Mark Kelly

Kevin Kennedy

Matt Kershaw

Amanda Lane

Stephen Lee

Ann Leyland

David Leyland

Gill Lowe

Carole Madden

Phil Marsden

Rob Marsden

Adrian Marshall

Gary Marshall

Tony McAndrew

Ray McBride

Paul McHugh

Selina McLean

Daniel McManus

Damian Mercer

Rebecca Mercer

Brian Moore

Jenny Newell

Greg Oates

Mark Oliver

Michael Pickering

Chris Prince

Amanda Richardson

Jayne Roberts

Becki Robinson

Stephen Rogowskyj

Rose Rowson

Fay Royle

Ben Ruscillo

Andy Sattler

Louise Saunders

Lewis Shaw

Ray Shaw

Gill Shields

Rachael Shuttleworth

Pete Stals

Adam Stirling

Mark Taylor

Sarah Tomassi

James Trollope

Paul Walters

Joel White

Paul Whitehead

David Williams

Tansy Wilson

Rachel Wood

Sophie Wood

James Wright

Dan Yarwood

Natalie Yates-Bolton