It was a typically cold & wet morning in Oldham for the first-ever RRR Cup 'Champions Race', but that's never a problem for this hardy bunch. The 1st 4 winners of the RRR Cup - Ian Dale (2013 champion), Jen Bloor (2014), Bryan Lawton (2015) & Dave Watt (2016) - had kindly agreed to add a bit of sparkle to the latest RRR parkrun day by racing against each other in a bid to be crowned 'Champion of Champions'. With handicaps as usual set by Brian Moore, this was a fine way to prepare the assembled masses ahead of the draw for the First Round of the 2017 RRR Cup competition.

The race was so close that the winner wasn't known until the official parkrun results were published. Dave Watt (23:12) started where he left off with his 3rd fastest parkrun ever, bettered only by his victorious performances in the semi-final & final of last year's competition, while Ian Dale (19:44) was the 1st of the foursome to cross the line in an excellent 5th place. However the real battle proved to be between Jen Bloor & Bryan Lawton. Jen (20:30) was initially thought to have won as she recorded her 8th fastest Oldham time, her best since May 2016, to beat her handicap by 10 seconds. Yet victory in fact went to Bryan as he crossed the line in 21:30, his best parkrun at any venue for almost exactly a year & 20 seconds inside his handicap time.

Congratulations to Bryan & thanks to all 4 for taking part. I'm sure we'll do this again in future, maybe we'll choose a 'neutral' venue next time. I hear that Clermont Waterfront (Florida) is quite pleasant...        

(l-r Dave Watt, Ian Dale, Bryan Lawton, Jen Bloor & handicapper Brian Moore)