Wednesday, Mar 20 at 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Thursday, Mar 21 at 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Sunday, Mar 24 at 10:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Monday, Mar 25 at 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM


The First Round draw for the 2019 RRR Cup took place in the Boathouse Cafe, Alexandra Park after parkrun on 26th January.
54 RRRs have entered this year's competition.
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A free-to-enter annual competition, first introduced in 2013 & open to all club members. The RRR Cup builds on our support for & regular participation at Oldham parkrun, which takes place in Alexandra Park every Saturday morning at 9am.

The format is very simple - participating RRR members race against each other 'head-to-head' according to a random draw, with 'matches' taking place at Oldham parkrun on a mutually agreed date in a given calendar month. Winners are decided on a handicap system worked out by RRR statistical genius Brian Moore, usually based on best (recent) 5K times where available.

There is no requirement to run in club colours, although you'll look much better if you do. Competitors should introduce themselves to their opponent before the start, so that they know they are both present & the match is 'on' - a firm, friendly handshake is recommended, although hugging is permitted if both parties agree. Any use of 'mind games' is optional...

PLEASE NOTE that you must have your parkrun barcode with you on the day of your match. No barcode means your time won't appear in the official results & that will result in an automatic walkover for your opponent!

The runner shown on the left hand side is deemed to be the faster runner & the time against their name is their handicap - i.e. they have to finish ahead of their opponent by a bigger margin than this in order to win the match.
16th Mar: great credit to today's runners for giving us 2 excellent matches in the wettest Oldham parkrun conditions I can remember. Emma Bower's comment that "I don't think we got the memo to dress in our swimming stuff" sums it up perfectly. Swimsuit or not, Emma can be very happy with her morning's work, as she recorded her 3rd best parkrun time ever - her best at Oldham since 2015 - to claim victory over Kevin Hutchings. No disgrace for Kevin on his RRR Cup debut though, it was also his 3rd best parkrun & just 6 seconds outside his PB. I'm sure he'll be back to get further in the competition next year! Today's other match was even closer, with Rochelle Evans defying the conditions to cross the line just 4 seconds outside her post-baby PB, but this wasn't quite enough to beat a strong run from Rob Fairbanks. Rob finished in 3rd place, with his quickest time at Oldham for almost exactly a year, to progress through to a First Round match against Gareth McCaffery. Well run all!  [David Emanuel]     
2nd Mar: just before we made the RRR Cup draw back in January, I joked with Angela Rogowskyj that I'd quite like to see her drawn against husband Steve. That didn't happen, but probably the next best thing is to have them both running their Preliminary Round matches at the same time. I suspect it was Angela who went home happiest as she ran her quickest parkrun since 2017 to claim a superb victory over Gary Smith. Gary couldn't have done much more - in fact, he has only once gone quicker himself over the same period & that was in Warsaw last April, when he probably raised his game appearing on the international stage. Steve Rogowskyj also produced a fine run, but he had the misfortune to come up against an inspired Jon Crooks, who exactly matched his previous Oldham best to progress to the next round.  [David Emanuel]   

16th Feb: a big day for Garry Bower, completing his 200th parkrun...but it seems that one person wasn't going to allow him to enjoy the occasion too much! Garry couldn't really have done much more, producing his 6th quickest parkrun of those 200, his best since 2015, but this wasn't quite enough to beat Tansy Wilson. Tansy, a slightly less regular parkrunner than her opponent, ran her 3rd quickest time (of 13), just a few seconds outside her PB & a full 10 minutes quicker than her last run on New Year's Day, to progress to a match against Michael Pickering in the next round. Ironically Tansy is only in the competition thanks to a phone call from the Boathouse Cafe minutes before the draw took place...from Garry. In today's other match George Booth added to his growing collection of parkrun PBs, producing another superb run in 2nd place & knocking another 25 seconds off his previous best at Oldham to claim victory over Martin Jones - despite Martin recording a time he has only bettered once at Alexandra Park since 2016.  [David Emanuel]     

9th Feb: a great start to this year's RRR Cup, with Simon Lake narrowly edging out Bernie Allen to progress to the next round. It's a victory for experience - Simon has run 265 parkruns & taken part in this competition every year, reaching the Quarter Finals in 2013 & 2017. With perfect timing he produced his fastest Oldham time since March last year. A great effort by Bernie though, running his 4th fastest ever parkrun (of 56). Simon will next face the winner of the Preliminary Round match between Dave Watt & Paul Ashton.  [David Emanuel]
9th FEB: Simon Lake (25:19) beat Bernie Allen (27:14) by 10 seconds 
16th FEB: George Booth (18:39) beat Martin Jones (24:44) by 1min 35secs
16th FEB: Tansy Wilson (29:13) beat Garry Bower (21:45) by 2mins 32secs
2nd MAR: Angela Rogowskyj (35:02) beat Gary Smith (24:22) by 50 seconds
2nd MAR: Jon Crooks (20:58) beat Steve Rogowskyj (32:10) by 3mins 42secs
2nd MAR: Lisa Cummins (28:17) beat Debbie Cash - walkover
16th MAR: Robert Fairbanks (19:07) beat Rochelle Evans (24:02) by 25 seconds
16th MAR: Emma Bower (28:47) beat Kevin Hutchings (28:04) by 62 seconds
Gareth McCaffrey beat Simon Howard (walkover due to injury)
David Crewe beat Brian Moore (walkover) 
Bryan Lawton
Paul Cooke
Neil Brock
Jason Keast
Martin Thompson
Dave Phillips (Handicap 5m 00s)
John Fay
Elliot Stone
Tracy Johnson
Andy Chadwick
Alex Critcher
Dave Watt
v  James Wright
v  Lee Higginbottom
v  Kevin Heenan
v  Helen Radcliffe
v  Amanda Richardson
v  Sam Kent-Brown
v  Warren Siddall
v  Tony Kane
v  Phil Austin
v  Rob Battye
v  Adam Stirling
v  Paul Ashton
(30th Mar)
(30th Mar)
(23rd Mar)
(23rd Mar)
(30th Mar)

(30th Mar)
(6th Apr)
(23rd Mar)
(23rd Mar)
(30th Mar)
(30th Mar)


David Emanuel

v   Rob Kellett

(11th May)

Robert Fairbanks
Nick Mallon
Michael Pickering
Dave Bardsley
Simon Lake
George Booth
Ronnie Quinn
Dave Phillips or Sam Kent-Brown
Dave Peart
Neil Brock or Kevin Heenan
June Allingan
Robert Nixon
Diane Allingan
Lisa Cummins
Jon Crooks
v  Gareth McCaffery
v  Angela Rogowskyj
v  Tansy Wilson
v  Elliot Stone or Tony Kane
v  Dave Watt or Paul Ashton
v  John Fay or Warren Siddall
v  Paul Cooke or Lee Higginbottom
v  Bryan Lawton or James Wright
v  Emma Bower
v  Andy Chadwick or Rob Battye
v  David Crewe
v  Jason Keast or Helen Radcliffe
v  Martin Thompson or Amanda Richardson
v  Tracy Johnson or Phil Austin
v  Alex Critcher or Adam Stirling

RRR Cup Finals Day, 10th November 2018

New champion Phil Austin receives the trophy from 2017 winner Rob Battye

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