Monday, Mar 2 at 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Monday, Mar 2 at 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Thursday, Mar 5 at 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Thursday, Mar 5 at 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM


A free-to-enter annual competition, first introduced in 2013 & open to all club members. The RRR Cup builds on our support for & regular participation at Oldham parkrun, which takes place in Alexandra Park every Saturday morning at 9am.

The format is very simple - participating RRR members race against each other 'head-to-head' according to a random draw, with 'matches' taking place at Oldham parkrun on a mutually agreed date in a given calendar month. Winners are decided on a handicap system worked out by RRR statistical genius Brian Moore, usually based on best (recent) 5K times where available.

16th NOV: Martin Thompson (18:25) beat Dave Peart (19:04) by 24 seconds
26th OCT: Ronnie Quinn (22:21)  beat  Robert Nixon (DNF)


28th SEP: Dave Peart (19:11) beat Robert Nixon (22:37) by 18 seconds

19th OCT: Martin Thompson (18:52) beat Ronnie Quinn (22:00) by 13 seconds

3rd AUG: Robert Nixon (22:18) beat Dave Bardsley (28:35) by 6 seconds
10th AUG: Ronnie Quinn (21:55) beat Dave Phillips (25:42) by 31 seconds
7th SEP: Dave Peart (19:10) beat Michael Pickering (20:18) by 3 seconds
14th SEP: Martin Thompson (18:58) beat Simon Lake (23:24) by 41 seconds


15th JUN: Dave Phillips (25:25) beat Andy Chadwick (22:13) by 13 seconds

22nd JUN: Dave Peart (19:55) beat June Allingan (35:22) by 2mins 2secs

29th JUN: Robert Nixon (22:11) beat Nick Mallon (21:45) by 19 seconds

6th JUL: Dave Bardsley (28:22) beat John Fay (23:08) by 46 seconds

6th JUL: Martin Thompson (19:08) beat Gareth McCaffery (23:36) by 43 seconds

20th JUL: Michael Pickering (20:50) beat Adam Stirling (23:05) by 45 seconds

20th JUL: Simon Lake (22:46) beat David Emanuel (20:20) by 29 seconds

20th JUL: Ronnie Quinn (22:03) beat Phil Austin (23:31) by 23 seconds


20th APR: Gareth McCaffrey (23:39) beat Robert Fairbanks (18:48) by 1min 9secs

27th APR: Dave Bardsley (29:13) beat Tony Kane (26:25) by 1min 12secs

27th APR: Robert Nixon (22:47) beat Jason Keast (23:09) by 1min 52secs

11th MAY: Dave Peart (19:54) beat Emma Bower (27:26) by 32 seconds

11th MAY: Phil Austin (23:17) beat Lisa Cummins (27:57) by 1min 40secs

18th MAY: Nick Mallon (21:43) beat Angela Rogowskyj (35:26) by 3 seconds

18th MAY: John Fay (23:21) beat George Booth (19:06) by 35 seconds

18th MAY: Andy Chadwick (21:53) beat Neil Brock (20:22) by 29 seconds

18th MAY: June Allingan (33:20) beat David Crewe (23:40) by 5mins 20secs

25th MAY: Ronnie Quinn (22:11) beat Lee Higginbottom (25:54) by 1min 43secs

25th MAY: Dave Phillips (25:19) beat James Wright (DNF)

1st JUN: Simon Lake (22:59) beat Paul Ashton (19:38) by 1min 39secs

Adam Stirling beat Jon Crooks (walkover due to emigration)

Michael Pickering beat Tansy Wilson (walkover due to injury)

David Emanuel beat Rob Kellett (walkover)

Martin Thompson beat Diane Johnson (walkover)

9th FEB: Simon Lake (25:19) beat Bernie Allen (27:14) by 10 seconds 
16th FEB: George Booth (18:39) beat Martin Jones (24:44) by 1min 35secs
16th FEB: Tansy Wilson (29:13) beat Garry Bower (21:45) by 2mins 32secs
2nd MAR: Angela Rogowskyj (35:02) beat Gary Smith (24:22) by 50 seconds
2nd MAR: Jon Crooks (20:58) beat Steve Rogowskyj (32:10) by 3mins 42secs
2nd MAR: Lisa Cummins (28:17) beat Debbie Cash - walkover
16th MAR: Robert Fairbanks (19:07) beat Rochelle Evans (24:02) by 25 seconds
16th MAR: Emma Bower (28:47) beat Kevin Hutchings (28:04) by 62 seconds
23rd MAR: Neil Brock (19:48) beat Kevin Heenan (26:26) by 1min 23secs
23rd MAR: Jason Keast (22:22) beat Helen Radcliffe (23:30) by 23 seconds
23rd MAR: Phil Austin (23:31) beat Tracy Johnson (24:14) by 13 seconds
23rd MAR: Andy Chadwick (22:44) beat Rob Battye (20:12) by 1min 28secs
30th MAR: James Wright (25:18) beat Bryan Lawton (21:37) by 49 seconds
30th MAR: Lee Higginbottom (25:04) beat Paul Cooke (24:48) by 29 seconds
30th MAR: Martin Thompson (20:04) beat Amanda Richardson (28:04) by 45 seconds
30th MAR: John Fay (23:39) beat Warren Siddall (25:27) by 48 seconds
30th MAR: Adam Stirling (22:11) beat Alex Critcher (21:33) by 37 seconds
6th APR: Tony Kane (24:57) beat Elliot Stone (21:24) by 27 seconds
Gareth McCaffrey beat Simon Howard (walkover due to injury)
Paul Ashton beat Dave Watt (walkover due to injury)
David Crewe beat Brian Moore (walkover)
Dave Phillips beat Sam Kent-Brown (walkover)

16th Nov: well that was quite a way to finish off this year's competition! A superb run by Dave Peart saw him record his quickest Oldham parkrun for 4 years - but that still wasn't quite enough to claim victory due to a truly sensational run from Martin Thompson. Martin had already beaten his previous Alexandra Park best in the semi-finals, but somehow he managed to run an incredible 27 seconds quicker in the Final. That's a new overall parkrun PB, beating his South Manchester time from August, as well as being the 2nd fastest time we've ever seen in an RRR Cup Final (beaten only by Rob Battye's 18:07 in 2017). Congratulations to Martin & Dave on a great race & thanks to everyone who took part in this year's competition. See you in 2020!  

26th Oct: sadly not the spectacular showdown we were hoping for...although Rob Nixon started this morning's parkrun he wasn't feeling 100% & so was unable to complete the run, leaving the way clear for Ronnie Quinn to claim the 3rd place prize in this year's RRR Cup. Ronnie still did his bit, completing a remarkably consistent year in which all 5 of his times in the competition were within 26 seconds of each other. So in his 1st year as RRR President Ronnie becomes only the 2nd person to win 2 prizes in the RRR Cup, having also finished 3rd in 2014 - following in the (very fast) footsteps of Rob Battye (3rd in 2015, winner in 2017).  [David Emanuel]   

19th Oct: back-to-back racing seems to suit Martin Thompson! Not content with setting a new Oldham parkrun PB in his Quarter Final last weekend, breaking 19 minutes for the 1st time, Martin went another 6 seconds quicker this morning to secure his place in this year's RRR Cup Final. So Ronnie Quinn bows out at the Semi Final stage again, as he did in 2014, despite another excellent run - only on 2 occasions has he run quicker at Alexandra Park. While Martin prepares to challenge Dave Peart for the trophy, Ronnie will try to add another bronze medal to his collection when he takes on Rob Nixon. Great running both!  [David Emanuel]    

12th Oct: well the results of our scientific experiment are in - it seems that your 5K times a couple of months after having your appendix removed are likely to be slightly slower than they were before. Credit to Simon Lake for getting back to racing so quickly - finishing about half a minute down on his pre-op time (which was one of his quickest parkruns in years) looks pretty impressive to me! Unfortunately for Simon he came up against an inspired Martin Thompson in today's Quarter Final, with a new Oldham PB seeing Martin dip under 19 minutes for the 1st time. Let's see if he can go even better against Ronnie Quinn in their Semi Final next Saturday!  [David Emanuel]
28th Sep: seems it's all about attention to detail, the 'marginal gains'. Not only did Dave Peart bring his racing footwear for today's RRR Cup Semi Final (see right) but, having seen the weather forecast, he chose the lightest possible running vest on the basis that the material would absorb less rainwater. Did this make the crucial difference? Well he only ran 1 second slower than in his Quarter Final, despite the filthy conditions, which helped give him a narrow victory despite a great effort from Rob Nixon. Maybe Rob was subconsciously holding a little something back for Sunday's Littleborough 10K; the end result is that Dave progresses to his first ever RRR Cup Final. Now we just need the other half of the draw to catch up, to find out who he'll be facing!  [David Emanuel]
7th Sep: well we knew it was close! I could see that Michael Pickering was putting absolutely everything into his RRR Cup Quarter Final as he came charging past me on the home straight as though I was running on the spot. It turned out to be his quickest Oldham parkrun for 2 years, more than 30 seconds quicker than he ran in the previous round...but that still wasn't enough to get past Dave Peart. Dave rose to the occasion in even more spectacular fashion - the last time he ran quicker than this at Alexandra Park was December 2015 - but it couldn't have been a much closer finish. He thus avoids this year's 'curse of the Daves' at this stage & progresses through to his first RRR Cup Semi Final. Great running both!  [David Emanuel]  

10th Aug: I don't want to worry Dave Peart, who has his RRR Cup Quarter Final match scheduled for early next month, but this round is proving pretty tough for Daves! Following Dave Bardsley's narrow defeat last weekend, this time it was Dave Phillips who had to bow out of the competition, falling victim to a remarkable performance from Ronnie Quinn. After dropping out of the Hopwood Trot on Wednesday, Ronnie reported that he "just had no energy to complete the race...I will be back...". He wasn't kidding - just 3 days later here he was running his 3rd fastest parkrun ever, just 10 seconds outside an Oldham PB he set over 4 years ago. That didn't give Dave much of a chance, so he did well to keep the margin of victory to half a minute. Ronnie is therefore back in the Semi Finals for the 1st time since 2014. Great running!  [David Emanuel]     

3rd Aug: a sunny, humid morning in Alexandra Park for the 1st of this year's Quarter Finals...& a great start it was too. A fine run by Rob Nixon, his 6th best of 140 here & just 7 seconds slower than his winning time in the previous round, set a challenging target. Then Rob & I stood to watch Dave Bardsley put in a tremendous sprint finish, straining every sinew to record his 3rd quickest Oldham parkrun. Would that be good enough? Much discussion & debate followed, but the golden rule is always "wait to see the official results" - which revealed that Rob had won by a mere 6 seconds. A great race, with the result that Rob progresses to his first Semi Final.  [David Emanuel]   
20th Jul: no, it's not a new boy band, this good-looking quintet (& me) all ran this morning in the last of the RRR Cup 2nd Round matches. A momentous day it was too...all good things must come to an end & after 8 consecutive victories (including 5 new PBs), reigning champion Phil Austin finally suffered defeat at the hands of RRR President Ronnie Quinn. It's a sign of how far Phil has come that he may be feeling slightly disappointed with a time 14 seconds outside his current best, set in the previous round, but it's worth noting that it equals his 3rd best ever parkrun & is nearly 2 minutes quicker than where this journey started, in Round 1 back in March 2018. Certainly no disgrace in losing out to Ronnie, who bounced back from injuring himself at the Mossley 10K last weekend to record his best time at Oldham for more than 2 years. It was a similar story for Michael Pickering, producing his best performance around Alexandra Park since October 2017 to gain a narrow victory over Adam Stirling, despite Adam recording his 5th best time at this venue. Meanwhile Simon Lake, after a phenomenal run in the previous round, managed to go even quicker - only once since 2014 has he run a quicker parkrun at any venue (22:27 at Sheffield Castle in January 2016, if you're wondering!). That pretty much snuffed out any chance I had of staying in the competition, but I was happy enough with my best Oldham time since April 2017. So now we know the Quarter Final line-up & very strong it looks too!  [David Emanuel]

6th Jul: I've often claimed that the RRR Cup brings out the best in our runners & that was certainly the case in this weekend's races. All 4 RRRs competing this weekend ran to within 30 seconds of their overall parkrun PB, while even a new Oldham best time wasn't enough to take Gareth McCaffery through to the Quarter Finals! Gareth's excellent run - 3 seconds quicker than he ran in the previous round & just 13 seconds outside his Worsley Woods PB - couldn't quite get him past Martin Thompson, posting his 3rd best ever parkrun in a time that was a mere 8 seconds off a PB set last September. Dave Bardsley also ran his 3rd best parkrun time, his best since May 2018, to claim a narrow victory over John Fay - despite John recording his 6th best time from 73 parkruns, just 17 seconds outside his PB. For the stats fans...John's 3 quickest times were all achieved in successive runs at Alexandra Park between 12th & 26th January this year!  [David Emanuel]       

29th Jun: things are really hotting up now, in more ways than one! Another top quality RRR Cup match this morning, as Nick Mallon & Rob Nixon defied the muggy conditions to produce outstanding performances. Nick continued his excellent recent form with his 3rd best ever Oldham parkrun, just 7 seconds outside his PB & only 2 seconds slower than his fine run in the previous round. Rob, however, had the advantage of knowing that - with a 45 second handicap - if he could keep Nick in sight he had a great chance of winning & he did exactly that. It still took a great effort though - this was Rob's 5th quickest run at Alexandra Park, only bettered by the 4 times he recorded in a 'purple patch' between April & July last year. Great running both!  [David Emanuel]  

22nd Jun: and then there were none! For the 1st time since 2015 there will, sadly, be no women in the RRR Cup Quarter Finals. Last lady standing June Allingan gave it her best shot this morning, but she confessed beforehand that she doesn't like running in the heat & couldn't quite match her superb run in the previous round. Dave Peart, by contrast, showed remarkable consistency in running just a second slower than his First Round performance. This was good enough to take him comfortably through to the last 8 of the competition for the 1st time since the inaugural RRR Cup in 2013. Definitely one to watch!  [David Emanuel]   

15th Jun: quite the battle at Alexandra Park this morning in the 1st match of Round 2, as Dave Phillips claimed a narrow victory over Andy Chadwick. Both were under 'handicap pressure' from the times they ran in the previous round - Dave set a new V75 course record with his quickest parkrun for 2 years whilst Andy recorded a massive new PB. Although neither could quite match those superb performances, Andy did record his 2nd best parkrun ever, just 20 seconds down on the time that beat Neil Brock, whilst Dave's win was a result of getting within 6 seconds of his age category best. Think he's one to avoid in the next round!  [David Emanuel]   

1st Jun: there's no better way of making the handicapper look silly than by running your quickest Oldham parkrun for more than 3 years, a full 2 minutes 20 seconds faster than you ran in the previous round. That's exactly what Simon Lake did this morning - which was pretty tough on Paul Ashton, who has to bow out of this year's competition despite a 7th place finish in his best Alexandra Park time since January 2018. My only consolation is that this remarkable performance will have to be taken into account for the handicap in Round 2 - for which I'm very grateful, since I'll be facing Simon. Still not sure I fancy my chances though! [David Emanuel]    

25th May: "You'll not see nothing like the mighty Quinn." Manfred Mann must have paid a visit to Oldham parkrun, where RRR Chairman mighty Ronnie Quinn is hitting the sort of form that won him a bronze medal in the 2014 RRR Cup. Today's run was a mere 2 seconds slower than for his victory over Gary Fielding in the 3rd Place Run-Off that year. In fact this was Ronnie's 5th fastest parkrun ever & 3rd best at Oldham, his quickest at this venue since an RRR Cup First Round defeat to Rob Marsden in March 2017. All of which didn't give Lee Higginbottom much of a chance, although he came pretty close to matching his winning time in the previous round - I'm sure he'll be back again next year! Dave Phillips is also through to Round 2, as James Wright was sadly unable to complete this morning's run. James generously asked us to "convey my congratulations to Mr Phillips & respect that he pushed on when he didn't need too, to post a good time". It certainly was a good time - I understand that it's a new V75 course record!  [David Emanuel]      

18th May: a good turnout for this morning's Oldham parkrun, given that many will have been saving themselves for the Great Manchester Run on Sunday. Many were in attendance to help Rochelle & Shane celebrate their 100th & 200th parkruns respectively, but those who were tempted along to see a bumper bundle of RRR Cup matches won't have been disappointed. It took superb performances from all 4 winners to get through to the Second Round, led by an impressive new parkrun PB for Andy Chadwick, knocking a huge 48 seconds of his previous best (set 4 years ago) in beating Neil Brock (who really shouldn't have been pushing so hard ahead of a race on Sunday). John Fay was also in fine form, recording his 9th best of 69 parkruns to overcome a speedy George Booth, who crossed the line in 3rd place but wasn't quite able to match his remarkable time from the Preliminary Round. Meanwhile June Allingan became the 1st woman through to the 2nd Round, her 3rd best ever parkrun & quickest since March 2016 proving too much for David Crewe. Closest match of the morning (credit to the handicapper here!), in fact closest in this year's RRR Cup to date, saw an in-form Nick Mallon run his 2nd fastest parkrun of 131 attempts, just 5 seconds outside his PB, to claim the narrowest of victories over a valiant Angela Rogowskyj. Great running all round!  [David Emanuel]        
11th May: perfect running conditions at Alexandra Park this morning helped deliver 2 very impressive new parkrun PBs (that's overall, not just at Oldham)...but very different outcomes for the runners who produced them. Defending champion Phil Austin continues his serene progress in the competition - he's yet to lose a match - by shaving another second off his winning time in last year's final to claim victory over Lisa Cummins. By contrast, knocking a huge 37 seconds off her previous best wasn't enough for Emma Bower, perhaps handicapped (literally!) by her impressive times at other recent 5K events. Victory thus went to Dave Peart, switching distances seamlessly after back-to-back marathons at Manchester & London with his quickest Oldham parkrun time since New Year's Day. Very impressive!  [David Emanuel]    

27th Apr: one of those rare occasions in the RRR Cup this morning where a runner reverses the handicap! Rob Nixon demonstrated that he's getting back to his best with his quickest run at Oldham since last July, his 10th best of 135 attempts, to finish just in front of Jason Keast & progress to the Second Round. A tough result for Jason, who was probably still feeling the effects of last weekend's hot-hot-hot Oldham Way Ultra. In today's other match, a fine run by Dave Bardsley - his 5th fastest parkrun ever - helped him overcome last year's bronze medallist Tony Kane, who couldn't quite match his impressive winning performance in the previous round.  [David Emanuel]

20th Apr: what's the best way to prepare for an RRR Cup match? The usual advice would be rest, some carbs the evening before, a good night's sleep. What nobody ever recommends is to run a tough 10 mile race in 65 minutes the day before - but that's exactly what Rob Fairbanks did at the Caldervale 10 on Good Friday. Somehow it didn't seem to affect his performance, as he ran his 4th quickest Oldham parkrun, just 37 seconds outside his PB. To be honest there probably wasn't much he could have done anyway, as Gareth McCaffrey was absolutely flying - this may have only been his 5th run at Oldham but he smashed his previous best by the best part of 2 minutes & it was his 2nd fastest parkrun ever, a mere 16 seconds outside his previous best at Worsley Woods last October. Looks like someone to avoid in the next round!  [David Emanuel] 

6th Apr: the last match of the Preliminary Round pitched 2 former bronze medallists against each other...with Tony Kane, 3rd last year, coming out on top against 2016 prize-winner Elliot Stone. Both produced their best parkruns since last summer - Tony in June, Elliot in July - but this was Elliot's 1st parkrun since then, so maybe Tony's recent efforts (10 Oldham parkruns in 2019) just gave him the edge. He goes through to face Dave Bardsley in a now-complete First Round.  [David Emanuel] 

30th Mar: some impressive handicapping (& running!) for the 5 RRR Cup matches this morning meant that the biggest winning margin was the mere 49 seconds by which James Wright beat former champion Bryan Lawton - a match which saw them set their best times at Oldham since January 2016 & May 2017 respectively. Bryan's attempt to persuade his opponent to don his Mr Bump outfit for their contest unfortunately fell on deaf ears. For the 1st time in this year's competition we saw a match in which both contestants set new Oldham PBs, with Adam Stirling beating a best time that had stood for nearly 2 years to go through despite an excellent run from Alex Critcher. Amanda Richardson was another to set a fantastic new PB, over a minute quicker than she's run at Alexandra Park before, but she had the misfortune to come up against an inspired Martin Thompson, returning from long-term injury for only his 2nd parkrun of 2019. Lee Higginbottom is another RRR who has been suffering major injury problems - this was his first Oldham parkrun since December 2017 & only his 4th at any venue since then - so it's good to see him back producing a run good enough to overcome Paul Cooke. Finally, despite posing for photographs with several of his fellow RRR Cup competitors (see below), John Fay still found time to get within a minute of his PB & claim a win over Warren 'Sid' Siddall - although great credit to Sid for running his Cup match just a week after completing a punishingly hot Palestine Marathon. So we now know almost all of the First Round fixtures, with just 1 final Preliminary Round match to take place next week. [David Emanuel]
23rd Mar: a bumper set of 4 RRR Cup matches this weekend, with an impressive 5 of the contestants also tackling the Wilmslow Half Marathon 24 hours later. The 2 closest matches probably produced the biggest shocks, with Phil Austin becoming 1 of the few reigning champions to win a match the following year & Helen Radcliffe bowing out at the 1st time of asking, after reaching the Quarter Finals at least for 3 years in a row. It certainly wasn't easy for Phil - the only time he's run quicker at Oldham is in last year's Final & with his opponent Tracy Johnson setting an excellent new parkrun PB, his margin of victory was smaller than in any race in his successful campaign last year. It also took a strong run from Jason Keast, his best since last summer, to just edge out Helen. Former champion Rob Battye was another casualty at this stage of the competition, but it's good to see that he's getting back to form after injury & it took an exceptional run from Andy Chadwick - his 2nd best parkrun ever & fastest for 4 years - to claim the victory. Finally an amazing performance from Neil Brock, running his 5th best time of 258 Oldham parkruns (6th quickest of 290 in total), proved to be just too good for Kevin Heenan.  [David Emanuel]
16th Mar: great credit to today's runners for giving us 2 excellent matches in the wettest Oldham parkrun conditions I can remember. Emma Bower's comment that "I don't think we got the memo to dress in our swimming stuff" sums it up perfectly. Swimsuit or not, Emma can be very happy with her morning's work, as she recorded her 3rd best parkrun time ever - her best at Oldham since 2015 - to claim victory over Kevin Hutchings. No disgrace for Kevin on his RRR Cup debut though, it was also his 3rd best parkrun & just 6 seconds outside his PB. I'm sure he'll be back to get further in the competition next year! Today's other match was even closer, with Rochelle Evans defying the conditions to cross the line just 4 seconds outside her post-baby PB, but this wasn't quite enough to beat a strong run from Rob Fairbanks. Rob finished in 3rd place, with his quickest time at Oldham for almost exactly a year, to progress through to a First Round match against Gareth McCaffery. Well run all!  [David Emanuel]     
2nd Mar: just before we made the RRR Cup draw back in January, I joked with Angela Rogowskyj that I'd quite like to see her drawn against husband Steve. That didn't happen, but probably the next best thing is to have them both running their Preliminary Round matches at the same time. I suspect it was Angela who went home happiest as she ran her quickest parkrun since 2017 to claim a superb victory over Gary Smith. Gary couldn't have done much more - in fact, he has only once gone quicker himself over the same period & that was in Warsaw last April, when he probably raised his game appearing on the international stage. Steve Rogowskyj also produced a fine run, but he had the misfortune to come up against an inspired Jon Crooks, who exactly matched his previous Oldham best to progress to the next round.  [David Emanuel]   

16th Feb: a big day for Garry Bower, completing his 200th parkrun...but it seems that one person wasn't going to allow him to enjoy the occasion too much! Garry couldn't really have done much more, producing his 6th quickest parkrun of those 200, his best since 2015, but this wasn't quite enough to beat Tansy Wilson. Tansy, a slightly less regular parkrunner than her opponent, ran her 3rd quickest time (of 13), just a few seconds outside her PB & a full 10 minutes quicker than her last run on New Year's Day, to progress to a match against Michael Pickering in the next round. Ironically Tansy is only in the competition thanks to a phone call from the Boathouse Cafe minutes before the draw took place...from Garry. In today's other match George Booth added to his growing collection of parkrun PBs, producing another superb run in 2nd place & knocking another 25 seconds off his previous best at Oldham to claim victory over Martin Jones - despite Martin recording a time he has only bettered once at Alexandra Park since 2016.  [David Emanuel]     

9th Feb: a great start to this year's RRR Cup, with Simon Lake narrowly edging out Bernie Allen to progress to the next round. It's a victory for experience - Simon has run 265 parkruns & taken part in this competition every year, reaching the Quarter Finals in 2013 & 2017. With perfect timing he produced his fastest Oldham time since March last year. A great effort by Bernie though, running his 4th fastest ever parkrun (of 56). Simon will next face the winner of the Preliminary Round match between Dave Watt & Paul Ashton.  [David Emanuel]