Monday, Jun 17 at 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Monday, Jun 17 at 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Wednesday, Jun 19 at 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Thursday, Jun 20 at 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM


22 club members entered the inaugural 2013 competition. New member Russ Chew generously donated a pair of high-quality Bang & Olufsen in-ear headphones (worth £120) to the overall winner Ian Dale. See below for all the results!
Oldham 2 Nov: Ian Dale (19:18) beat Greg Oates (20:03) by 1 sec
Oldham 2 Nov: John Lambe (21:05) beat Eamonn Nolan (DNF)
Oldham 12 Oct: Greg Oates (19:54) beat John Lambe (20:48) by 4 secs
Oldham 26 Oct: Ian Dale (19:35) beat Eamonn Nolan (20:42) by 16 secs
Oldham 7 Sep: Ian Dale (19:10) beat Dave Ellis (21:33) by 5 secs
Oldham 21 Sep: Eamonn Nolan (20:01) beat Dave Peart (18:56) by 2 secs
Oldham 28 Sep: Greg Oates (20:11) beat Simon Lake (20:54) by 35 secs
Oldham 28 Sep: John Lambe (21:59) beat Stuart Carroll (DNR) w/o
Oldham   6 July: Eamonn Nolan 20:01 beat Richard Fiddling 19:33 by 2 secs
Oldham 13 July: Stuart Carroll 17:48 beat David Emanuel 20:27 by 24 secs
Oldham 13 July: Simon Lake 20:54 beat Chris Lowe 18:22 by 43 secs
Oldham   3 Aug: John Lambe 21:18 beat Shane Reading 19:46 by 38 secs
Oldham 17 Aug: Dave Peart 19:07 beat Dave Freer 20:06 by 19 secs
Oldham 17 Aug: Greg Oates 20:27 beat Dave Williams 19:15 by 13 secs
Oldham 17 Aug: Ian Dale 19:33 beat Liz Phillips 27:25 by 22 secs
Oldham 31 Aug: Dave Ellis 21:45 beat Eileen Ingham 28:21 by 1min 11secs
Oldham 29 June: Dave Peart 19:31 beat Val Kilburn 23:07 by 26 seconds
Oldham 22 June: David Emanuel 20:18 beat Russell Ingham 18:54 by 1 second
Oldham   8 June: Dave Freer 20:03 beat Ronnie Quinn 22:34 by 1 second
Oldham 29 June: Dave Williams 19:07 beat Matt Kilburn 21:21 by 44 seconds
Oldham 22 June: Liz Phillips 27:38 beat Mary Freer 30:24 by 46 seconds
Oldham 29 June: Ian Dale 19:33 beat John Sweeney 23:16 by 43 seconds

Handicap example: Dave Freer had to finish more than 2mins 30secs ahead of Ronnie Quinn to go through to the next round. If the gap had been closer then Ronnie would have progressed. If they had finished exactly 2:30 apart then we'd have asked them to arrange a replay - which very nearly happened!

2 Nov: Well we couldn't have asked for a better finish to the first ever RRR Cup! Perfect running conditions, a great club turnout (I make it 17 running, plus many more supporting) & the closest possible finish. Finalists Greg Oates & Ian Dale responded to the challenge in fine style, each posting times with 10 seconds of their PBs...but it was Ian who shaded it to win on the handicap by just a single second. Ian thus becomes the first RRR Cup winner - a truly historic moment which will be celebrated at the Presentation Night in December!

Sadly the third place run-off couldn't quite match the final for excitement - I'm not sure if Eamonn didn't finish or his time wasn't recorded, but sadly his recent injury problems meant that he was never likely to be able to mount a challenge. So many congratulations to John Lambe, who ran an impressive 21:05 to clinch the bronze medal position. John is going to be a very busy man on Presentation Night! 

Thanks to everyone who took part in the first RRR Cup & to those who have turned up to support the competitors since we started back in June. We'll be back, hopefully bigger & even better, in 2014!

26 Oct: With several cross-country races scheduled for the coming weeks, the four remaining competitors have generously agreed to go straight into 'RRR Cup Finals Day' next Saturday 2nd November. As this is the day before the Derwentwater 10, it's an ideal time for all other RRRs to have a 'rest day' before the final road race of the season & come along & watch/support the culmination of an excellent first year of the RRR Cup. And if you've never taken part in a parkrun, this would be an ideal opportunity to see what all the fuss is about! Hope to see plenty of you at 9am at Alexandra Park next Saturday!   
26 Oct: The incredible run of PBs in the RRR Cup couldn't last for ever...neither Ian Dale (19:35) or Eamonn Nolan (20:42) was quite able to scale the heights achieved in previous rounds in today's second semi-final, but they gave it their all in another highly competitive fixture. Ian is probably feeling the effects of a heavy recent race schedule, including the Chester Marathon, while Eamonn confessed to me beforehand that, given injury problems over the last few weeks, he wouldn't have been running at all if it wasn't semi-final day. So despite a brave effort by Eamonn, it's Ian who goes through to meet Greg Oates, with a winning margin of 16 seconds on the handicap. Next up it's finals day! 

12 Oct:
I know I've said it before, but the statistics don't lie - this cup competition really is bringing out the best in our runners! In damp & breezy conditions, a fantastic first semi-final saw both John Lambe & Greg Oates set excellent new parkrun PBs, but by knocking 17 seconds off his previous best it's Greg who progresses through to the first-ever RRR Cup Final. John's appeal that Greg should be deducted five seconds for not running in a club vest was rejected, on the basis that such a rule doesn't exist, although I did consider penalising Mr Oates for (again) beating me in a sprint finish. Great to see so many RRRs present for this big match - let's hope for the same again when the second semi-final takes place on 26th October. 

28 Sep: The quarter finals were completed today...sadly the much-anticipated showdown between Stuart Carroll & John Lambe couldn't take place, due to Stuart's injury problems, so John progresses through to the semi final. In the match that did take place, Greg Oates produced another PB - his second in successive weeks - to race to an impressive victory over Simon Lake. Worth mentioning that all three of these runners, plus 2nd-placed Shane Reading, then turned up to produce fine performances in the Red Rose Cross-Country race in the afternoon. Great effort!

21 Sep: Once again, a Cup quarter final produces two outstanding performances! In his 89 previous parkruns, Dave Peart had only managed to run two seconds faster than the excellent 18:56 that gave him second place today (behind our own Martin Schofield)...but that wasn't quite enough. Eamonn Nolan was running just his fifth parkrun & by equalling the 20:01 PB which gave him victory over Richard Fiddling in the last round, he was able to claim another narrow victory. Remarkably, Eamonn has now managed two victories with a combined margin of just FOUR seconds. Perfect pacing or incredible luck - maybe we'll find out more in the semi-final!

14 Sep: In a pre-challenge challenge, Greg Oates & Simon Lake were both present for today's Oldham parkrun, ahead of their Quarter Final battle in two weeks. This match will feature the smallest handicap set so far - just 8 seconds - so a gap of 6 seconds this morning suggests this one is going to be very close. Has Simon gained a psychological advantage? Was Greg holding something back? All will be revealed on the 28th. In other parkrun news, despite setting a new PB for the Oldham course, I was overtaken by a squirrel on the final lap. You win some, you lose some...

7 Sep: This competition is certainly bringing out the best in our runners! In the first of the Quarter Finals both competitors recorded PBs for the Oldham course, with Dave Ellis knocking a full 12 seconds off the time he ran in beating Eileen Ingham the previous week. That meant that Ian Dale had to produce something special...which he duly did, beating his previous best time at Oldham by a full 19 seconds, recording his best-ever parkrun time in 36 attempts (mostly on the faster course at Heaton Park) to win on the handicap by just 5 seconds. A titanic expression which I've never quite understood, but since Dave was sunk it presumably means that Ian was the iceberg, which I propose should be his nickname from now on. Anyway, The Iceberg later added to an already good day by winning the 2nd World Baguette Throwing Championship at his own pub the King Bill at Shore (with a winning throw of 69 feet 5 inches, if you were wondering, beating 34 other competitors). I tried to find out what his lottery numbers were for the draw that evening, but he wasn't telling...   

22 Aug: The draw for the Quarter Finals of the RRR Cup was made at the King Bill in Shore. Although there was only one surviving competitor present - Ian Dale, being the landlord, didn't have much choice - you could have cut the atmosphere with a knife...although admittedly you wouldn't have needed a very sharp knife, and it would barely have made two rounds of atmosphere sandwiches...but the point stands. Anyway, here's how the names came out of the hat (actually a pint glass, no hats being available). Dates for matches will be added as soon as we're notified. Brian Moore's handicaps for each match are now shown below.
31 Aug: The final match of the First Round & despite a brave effort by Eileen Ingham, Dave Ellis makes it an all-male quarter final line-up. Dave ran an impressive 21:45 in his first attempt at the Alexandra Park course, a time he has only previously bettered at the fast South Manchester parkrun, giving him a clear victory over Eileen (28:21). Can he improve on that to outdo Ian Dale in the next round?

17 Aug:
An exciting day at Oldham parkrun for fans of our cup competition, with three closely-fought matches taking place. Perhaps the stand-out performance came from Greg Oates - running in disguise (as Mary Freer) having forgotten his barcode - as he produced a time of 20:27 to beat the handicapped time of Dave Williams by 13 seconds. Liz Phillips rose to the occasion & delivered a splendid PB of 27:25, but this wasn't enough to challenge the in-form Ian Dale, who beat the handicap by 22 seconds. Dave Peart is also in excellent form, as proved by his time of 19:07 to knock out Dave Freer. Although there's still one match to go, the draw for the  Quarter Finals wil take place at the King Bill at Shore on Wednesday evening (quiz night, if you fancy coming along)! 

3 Aug:
The long-awaited showdown between Shane Reading & John Lambe certainly lived up to its billing. Either John has been running deliberately slowly to fool the handicapper or he performs out of his skin when put under pressure, as a PB by a massive 53 seconds resulted in a stunning victory. No disgrace in Shane's 19:46, just 15 seconds outside his own PB, but there was no stopping John today. One to avoid in the next round! 

13 July:
Another hot & sunny morning in Alexandra Park & once again the Cup seems to have inspired some fantastic performances! Simon Lake ran a new PB in his 114th parkrun to beat Chris Lowe, even though Chris also produced his fastest Oldham parkrun in third place. Meanwhile Stuart was only running his third parkrun - his first for three years - but, with the help of a surprise appearance from Ian Grime giving him a target to chase, Stuart stormed to a fantastic 17:48 to comprehensively defeat me...maybe the pressure (or the heat) got to me as I ran the slowest of my four runs at Oldham!

6 July: Hot & sunny in Alexandra Park for the first match of the First Round proper - and once again the star performer was handicapper Brian Moore! Richard Fiddling produced an excellent course best of 19:33 but it was not enough to overcome Eamonn Nolan, whose 20:01 was a huge 29 seconds improvement on his previous best & gave him victory by just two seconds. Richard & Eamonn were amongst seven RRRs in the first 10 finishers, which included four PBs. 
29 June: No single-second victories as the Preliminary Round came to a conclusion at Alexandra Park. Dave Williams, Dave Peart & Ian Dale produced impressively fast runs as they finished in 6th, 7th & 8th places to claim clear victories over Matt Kilburn, Val Kilburn & John Sweeney respectively - despite new PBs for Matt & Val.

22 June: More excellent racing (not to mention handicapping) at Alexandra Park! Clearly Oldham is going to be the primary venue for this competition, as all Preliminary Round matches have been scheduled here. Once again just one second decided the match between David Emanuel & Russell Ingham, while a new course PB gave Liz Phillips victory over Mary Freer - who also ran well to get within 12 seconds of her own PB. With several RRRs using this as a warm-up/recce for races next week, the RRR Cup is (if achieving nothing else) certainly boosting Oldham parkrun numbers!

8 June: A great start to the RRR Cup! Several club members were present on a gloriously sunny morning in Alexandra Park to see the first ever match between Dave Freer & Ronnie Quinn, which proved to be an incredibly close race thanks in no small part to the brilliance of Brian Moore's handicapping. Only after the official results were published did we have confirmation that Dave had won the match by just one second - he now progresses to race against Dave Peart or Val Kilburn in the next round.