Joined Royton Road Runners in October 2015.

History: Ran while at school, mainly cross-country & track, then had a few years off while at university. Got back into it around 2013, but didn't do any serious mileage until 2015, when I signed up for a marathon & got motivated. RRR is my 1st club.
Proudest achievement: Finishing my 1st 'marathon' at Manchester 2015 in 3:07. Later revealed to have been short & time pushed back to 3:09!
Ambitions: Want to run a sub-3 marathon in the next couple of years. Then maybe an ultra? Also a sub-36 10k & sub-1:25 half marathon. Wouldn't mind a few podium spots in some of the smaller races - currently specialising in finishing 5th, having done so 4 times in the last 10 races.  
Current training: Averaging around 3-4 runs & 20-25 miles per week.

Born & raised in Saddleworth.
Live with my girlfriend Ele - also a runner, but can't (yet) be convinced to become an RRR.
Work for a translation agency doing project management - no, before you ask, I can't speak any other languages!
Mainly spend my time running & walking, dabble in a bit of triathlon every now & then.   

Training route: the Saddleworth hills
Race/event: Conwy Half Marathon
Running shoe: Asics Gel-Nimbus
Sportsman/woman: Paul Scholes
Film: Pulp Fiction
TV: no-one can convince me that any show will ever be better than Breaking Bad       
Music: Radiohead
Food: tough one - I like most things - but probably a traditional rag pudding & chips from Diggle Chippy 
Drink: a nice pint of real ale
Holiday destination: Lake District