Joined Royton Road Runners in 2006.
Currently responsible for this website & other club communications.

History: Took part in my first Great North Run around 1985, first running I'd done since school. Joined Calne Running Club when living in Wiltshire in the 1990s, then ran with Halifax Harriers for a while before moving to Littleborough & joining RRR.
Proudest achievement: Probably my 2nd Tour of Tameside in 2000 - a double marathon in 6 races over a week. Completed it in 5hrs 31mins including some of my best-ever race times (41:15 for 7 miles, 1:21 for the half marathon).
Ambition: A three-hour marathon (still!). 
Current training: Run every day if I can, currently averaging about 50 miles a week.

Born in London, grew up in Kent.
Do a little bit of writing about football as well as the running stuff.

Training route: the many trails around Watergrove Reservoir
Race/event: Windermere Marathon (race), parkrun (event)
Running shoe: Saucony (been wearing them for years)
Sportsman/woman: Bobby Moore - the best defender I've ever seen & a World Cup winning captain!
Film: Pan's Labyrinth (although I'd probably pick something completely different if you asked me tomorrow)
TV: more of a radio/podcast man these days, but I can't resist watching sport; bring Test Match Cricket back to terrestrial TV!       
Music: something of an obsession with bands who recorded for 4AD Records in the 1980s - Cocteau Twins, Throwing Muses, Pixies, etc
Food: you can't beat a good pasta dish. Or cake...
Drink: after a visit to Brussels & Bruges, I developed a taste for Belgian beers
Holiday destination: the Greek islands - any one will do

No, it wasn't me who designed Princess Diana's wedding dress...