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E-mail from the Race Director of Sunday's race says "The simple fact is that this event suffers from growing pains...the park & ride operators didn’t quite understand the amount of cars that would be coming in and therefore only put one man on the gate! Again, as with previous problems, this will all be sorted out next year and it run like clockwork..."

That seems to imply that they'll be going for a similar level of entries next year. Are you happy with that, or still feeling annoyed about the delayed start, or did the weighty goody bag make you forget all the problems? Essentially, do you think this 10K should stay in the Club Championship? Discuss...

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I enjoyed the day.  But as I'm not a 'serious runner' these things bother me less.  They seem to have tried to hurry up the process as much as they could and will ensure it's better next year. That's enough for me.  If there are Doggy Floggings I hope we can spectate!

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i didnt run the race due to illness..i sent my number back..however according to the results i did the run so there was a mess up somewhere with the chips (or dog biscuits)

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Chris Lowe
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Happy to wait 2 more hours for a flat course like that!!  My vote would be to stick with it.  They always ask for feedback and they want to be voted the best 10k in the country, which means that they are highly likely to get the car parking right next year.


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Julie Greenwood
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I did not mind the extra wait really as all the marshalls was so friendly and tried their best to start ASAP. The heavy goody bags and medal were worth it and helped distract me from my burning lungs! If they could change anything then I would like them to cancel the head on gales during the last stretch to the finish line. I felt like a hamster on a wheel. The legs were going ten to the dozen but I was not getting very far! [or was that just me]?

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Julie, no it wasn't just you :)

Apart from getting the parking right (which wasn't a biggy for me), the only other thing I can think of is ... get the t-shirt right :D

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1st time for me and I thoroughly enjoyed the race- can they do something about the wind though next year?

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