Monday, Feb 12 at 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Monday, Feb 12 at 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Wednesday, Feb 14 at 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Thursday, Feb 15 at 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM


STOP PRESS: 2018 RRR Cup First Round draw took place in the Boathouse Cafe, Alexandra Park on Saturday 27th January. All the details below!

A free-to-enter annual competition, first introduced in 2013 & open to all club members. The RRR Cup builds on our support for & regular participation at Oldham parkrun, which takes place in Alexandra Park every Saturday morning at 9am.

The format is very simple - participating RRR members race against each other 'head-to-head' according to a random draw, with 'matches' taking place at Oldham parkrun on a mutually agreed date in a given calendar month. Winners are decided on a handicap system worked out by RRR statistical genius Brian Moore, usually based on best (recent) 5K times where available.

There is no requirement to run in club colours, although you'll look much better if you do. Competitors should introduce themselves to their opponent before the start, so that they know they are both present & the match is 'on' - a firm, friendly handshake is recommended, although hugging is permitted if both parties agree. Any use of 'mind games' is optional...

PLEASE NOTE that you must have your parkrun barcode with you on the day of your match. No barcode means your time won't appear in the official results & that will result in an automatic walkover for your opponent!


Warren Siddall

Nick Mallon
Simon Lake
Martin Thompson
Jarrod Gritt
Rob Kellett
Bryan Lawton
Mark Rigby
Emma Kennedy
Brian Moore
Jan Curtis
Jason Keast
Paul Ashton
Ian Giles
Lisa Cummins
Garry Bower
David Emanuel
Owen Flage
Judith Bradley

v  Kevin Heenan

v  Adrian Marshall
v  Rob Fairbanks
v  Matt Kershaw
v  Michael Pickering
v  Phil Austin
v  Helen Radcliffe
v  Andy Chadwick
v  Neil Bradley
v  Elliot Stone
v  Rob Battye
v  Chris Nicholson
v  Angela Rogowskyj
v  Adam Stirling
v  Alex Critcher
v  Gary Marshall
v  Tom Giles
v  Stephen Rogowskyj
v  Emma Bower
(17th Mar)

(24th Mar)
(3rd Mar)
(3rd Mar)
(17th Mar)

(24th Mar)
(17th Mar)

(24th Mar)
(3rd Mar)

(24th Mar)
(24th Mar)
(24th Mar)
(24th Feb)
(17th Mar)

Diane Allingan (bye to Second Round)

Neil Brock (bye to Second Round)

Paul Cooke (bye to Second Round)

David Ellis (bye to Second Round)

John Fay (bye to Second Round)

Leonie Glynn (bye to Second Round)

Jill Hickson (bye to Second Round)

Lee Higginbottom (bye to Second Round)

Simon Howard (bye to Second Round)

Tony Kane (bye to Second Round)

Robert Nixon (bye to Second Round)

Ronnie Quinn (bye to Second Round)

Dave Watt (bye to Second Round)

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